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About Me

When I was 15 yrs old I went to my first yoga class at my local church hall which I found invigorating, challenging yet calming. I decided from then on to regularly practice yoga not only for physical wellbeing but for my mental wellbeing also.

Over the years I have travelled to India many times to learn more of the philosophy and the systems of yoga. I was interested in trying out different schools and methods of yoga and spent an intensive month on a Shivananda teacher training course. On other trips to India I was fortunate to be taught by Ashtanga teacher Rolf Naujokat. Several times I joined retreats with Iyengar teacher Rajiv Chanchani and other senior Iyengar teachers.

Iyengar yoga was the type of yoga I found to be most suited to me with the precision, the pace and clear guidance. Most of my training has been through senior and intermediate Iyengar teachers who have been taught directly by B.K.S Iyengar himself.

After 10 yrs of Iyengar practice I decided it was time to start my teacher training as I wanted to impart the knowledge I had learnt to others. I went on to study and pass my exams;

  • Introductory Level 1 in 2001 
  • Introductory Level 2 in 2002

I've enjoyed teaching  ever since qualifying as a teacher in 2002. Having taught throughout my 3 pregnancies and also continuing my profession as a goldsmith, I decided in was then time to progress my learning and teaching and went on to pass my;

  • Junior Intermediate Level 1 in 2014
  • Junior Intermediate Level 2 in 2015
  • Junior Intermediate Level 3 in 2016

My practice and learning still continues under the guidance of senior teachers.

About Iyengar Yoga

Only certified teachers can teach an Iyengar Yoga class. The Teachers Certification Mark, is a sign of excellence, clarity and depth of understanding.

Iyengar Yoga is the most widely practised method of yoga in the world. Classes offer a safe, methodical progression of postures with sequencing to develop strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration and relaxation.

This method of teaching came directly from B.K.S. Iyengar's own practice and experience. His popularity grew from his Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune India where he was based and taught, and practiced until his death at 96. 

His daughter Geeta S Iyengar and son Prashant S Iyengar continue to run the Institute and  continue his teaching today.

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      B.K.S Iyengar (1918 - 2014)

      B.K.S Iyengar (1918 - 2014)